Oscars 2019: The Betting Odds And Predictions For The 91st Academy Awards

Oscar pool aficionadi, gird your loins and prepare your pockets, the British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTAs) have had their state, and London’s bookmakers have now been at work honing their Oscars odds. Again, it’s looking to be another in an infinite series of irritatingly redcoat invasions of every category there is on February 24, this year. After trying their mind-snatch about the Academy at the end of the month will the Brits finally take? Unfortunately, it seems possible.
Since the few remaining readers of history at the United States will remember, in the late 18th century, it looked like we’d lost the Revolutionary War. There’s very little comfort available in that contrast since there are few characters of the stuff of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or Paul Revere on Capitol Hill, in Foggy Bottom or at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But, redcoat invasion or not, we are not here to ponder the whither-America question. We are here to bet the Oscars.
Andjust like in 2018, we are here to utilize our Oscar pool to boost results. Specifically, London and Dublin’s adorable bookmakers can help us weapon-ize our Oscar wagering. It is a positive bit of ethnic robbery, particularly this season, while it’s still only barely possible to stave off the inevitability of having to ask for a”pint of bitter, please” in the regional hipster bar instead of being able to state,”gimme a PBR and a shot of Jack.”

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Penn State vs. Iowa: Free NCAAF Betting Picks and Game Predictions

On the opposite sideline this year, the Penn State Nittany Lions possess a top 15 staff for the first time. Its the defense that Sean Clifford might be tested against. Its a bit about that the best defense which Penn State has played so far held them. That game against Pittsburgh has been the only game this season that a touchdown did not throw. This week isnt going to get any easier for him.
A portion of Penn States success has been their defense. They are now ranked 4th in total coverage in the country. The problem this week is that Iowa is currently 5th in total defense in the nation. Clifford has put the things on the board early in the season. He has outscored opponents 265-37 during five months.
That looks impressive until you realize that Penn State has played this year. Idaho, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Maryland, along with Purdue are not exactly world beaters. How good is Sean Clifford? We will take a step ahead in finding out that on Saturday. The last time both of these teams met, Penn State escaped with a 30-24 victory. Would they do it again with a new face under centre?
Iowa failed to obtain the answers last week against the University of Michigan, suffering their first loss of the season. In the end, the match was won and lost at the line of scrimmage. Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley was sacked eight times last weekend. You cant win football games from high caliber competition when you purchase sacked eight times.
That offensive line is a problem for Iowa, and this week it is not likely to get any easier. Everybody was talking about the Penn State crime and great Sean Clifford has appeared BUT make no mistake, this Penn State defense is for real. Now, off that brutal functionality by the Iowa offensive lineup, they perform the nations No. 1 team in total sacks in Penn State. Something must change on that Iowa lineup and fast if they will put the points up crucial to hang with this Penn State offense.
The last time both of these teams smashed helmets Nate Stanley was abysmal. So awful in fact, the Iowa punter threw for touchdowns in the game. This match is going to mean a lot. Could he prove himself and also the state of Iowa their last meeting was a fluke?
Who wins the game? As Penn State being a favourite, the school football odds market opened this particular game. The line has moved their manner and away from -3 to -3.5 points. The majority of the moment, should you take games to the house dog in these BIG 10 conference you will be a winner however, I dont find it . I think that this Penn State crime is the real thing.
I think Iowa will need to keep pace. Penn State has the crime in my view, although I know that both defenses are high 5 in total defense. What is the X-Factor here? The Iowa attacking line. The greatest staff in sacks of the nation and penn State win. The college football pick heres Penn State.
Totally free NCAAF Select: Penn State -3.5 (-102) in Bookmaker
For more selections check outWeek 7 NCAAF Prop Bets

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Vince Young assesses the NFL’s best young quarterbacks

In Week One, 13 quarterbacks had a passer rating of 115.0 or greater, the most in almost any week in NFL history.
For the first time ever, two QBs had flawless passer evaluations (158.3) at a season opener, and also one of these had been 22-year-old Ravens signal-caller Lamar Jackson, who became the youngest player in NFL history to post a great score.
Deshaun Watson (23) had a tremendous Week One revival, even though dropping to a last-gasp field target in New Orleans, and many other players comparatively new to the league impressed. Last year’s MVP Patrick Mahomes (23) continued his achievement using a three-touchdown, 143.2 passer score opener.
With that in mind, we asked Pro Bowler and long-time NFL quarterback Vince Young – that will join Neil Reynolds within studio that NFL Sunday – that young QBs.
“Deshaun Watson has been a lover of me because I had been playing!
“I understood he was a big fan of mine when he won a National Championship [for Clemson at January 2017] and said my title [within his post-game speech]. I just recall:”Vince Young” and since then, I have reached out to him.
“He understands a lot of folks I know, so each time that I get an opportunity to speak to him, I offer him my opinion about what.
“I’m very proud of him. I knew he had the talent, it’s only about adjusting.
“I hope he just gets to the stage of telling [the Texans] what he wants. That’s a indication of maturity and it has been made by him.
“I hope he is telling them’I want the offensive line , I want more plays with the platter’. I really hope he continues to grow just like that as I watched Dak Prescott and he’s increased and how he’s been successful.
“I need Watson to be verbally showing his adulthood at which he can handle more and it is what he needs. He also deserves an offensive line that could protect him he does not need to conduct as much and so he can play a bit longer than the majority of the men who move around with the ball.”
Young himself turned into scramble and create plays with his legs just like Watson – and we asked him whether he saw any similarities between the two.
He said:”Yeah. Overall we have a game, although he’s a bit better thrower than me I think. He’s quite true downfield, makes a whole lot of plays, he is well-loved and a great leader of the group. He conducts the ball .
“He pulls off things which you never believed anyone could do.
“Therefore I believe we have any similarities but I think his chunk is a bit more precise than me on account of the fact that he threw a little bit greater than me rising up.
“I am not faulting myself but he is a really good guy, a excellent athlete so I’m pleased with him.”
“Me and Me text and talk a good deal so the most important thing that I say is:’I’m very proud of you. You stood through all that adversity and everybody talking about you. You are in a role, you are currently making plays. You are not only using your thighs, but with they say?’
“I have been very proud of him I just tell him to continue doing the work behind the scenes and be certain to keep in your defensive coordinator’s ear and then ask him lots of questions -‘What would you think a defense will attempt to do to me this season or this game?’
“Once you determine what you are going to do and also the prep, ensure you ask him lots of questions about whatever the defense may pick up you could easily fix.
“Defensive guys are so good – they pick up if you are rocking [at the line of scrimmage]they know when you stop, you’re just about to snap the ball. They pick up a great deal of small detailed things that can help them leap off the ball or react.”
Will Blackmon Super Bowl winner along with winner on Sky Sports until mid-season, also gave us his thoughts after selecting him because his NFL Challenge captain in Week One Jackson.
Blackmon stated:”I picked him captain last week due to the matchup. I thought the Dolphins weren’t prepared and figured things out.
“However, I like this year as right now, it is possible to see how confident he is.
“Last year, after he was finally called the starter at the end of the year, he started becoming comfortable but once they traded away Joe Flacco and it is his staff today he merely looks so comfortable and he’s so much support.
“He has the supporting cast concerning receivers, he has a great working back in Mark Ingram plus he has a really good defense and that is a recipe for victory .”
Young told Sky Sports:”‘MVP’ and head coach Andy Reid are a match made in heaven.
“Mahomes has a powerful arm plus Reid likes to throw the ball deep – loves a good deal of deep throws. I love that chemistry , mahomes has the arm for it. I love watching both.”
Young:”I predicted him to win Rookie of the Year so I am pleased to see what happened with him [Arizona scored 18 points in the fourth quarter to secure a 27-27 tie with Detroit].”
Blackmon added with this year’s No 1 NFL Draft pick:”I believe we saw a few maturation from Kyler Murray in the match. He did horribly in the first half when it rains, he brought his team back and gave them a opportunity.
“That’s huge, to observe that”
Young:”Allen did a excellent job of staying it [on Sunday as the Bills came back to beat the Jets]. I got the chance to meet him some time back so simply to see the development of a good deal of these young guys, I am happy.”
“I am still trying to out him, but he’s a huge chance [with these weapons].”
“I am ready to see the young man get his chance.”
Watch Week Two on Sunday night with three games: Saints @ Rams Vikings @ Packers and Eagles @ Falcons. Coverage starts at 5pm on Sunday on Sky Sports Action is at 6pm.

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Point/Counterpoint: Notre Dame vs Louisville – Free NCAAF Betting Picks


Notre Dame (9) vs Louisville
Monday, September 2 nd, 8:00 PM in Cardinal Stadium
Swinging Johnson: This week Doug Upstone and leave our college football picks on the Monday night game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Louisville Cardinals and that I will deviate to dip our toes.
It will most likely be the first and only time this year we do this, as the previous week of display NFL football is somewhat lackluster compared to some regular-season sport of NCAA football comprising one of the best teams in the nation, plus a mythical soccer program to boot, Notre Dame.
Without further ado, let us start the debate after my buddy Doug Upstone got the better of me last week while I backed the Titans. Weve been swapping wins on and back so it looks like it is my turn to get the wreath, as I will accompany each of the squares putting the thick lumber on a road favorite and heartily endorse the Irish.
After reviewing the college football odds almost six days ahead of the Monday night affair, I see that the line has spiked a half-point about the favorite, opening at Notre Dame -19 1/2 to where its currently offered in a solid -20 throughout the board whatsoever the best online sportsbooks.
I love the Irish but youre leaning on the Cardinals within this season-opening battle. Aside from the place do you believe Louisville will hang with the boys in South Bend?
Doug Upstone: Yup at least and a convincing triumph IMO, said a great deal about the management of the Steelers and Titans. Let us move to real soccer, in which the games count and so will our records on this one.
Remember those Thursday night matches Louisville used to perform against big-name opponents? They held their engineered and own upsets. These were fun games and also the Cardinals were a thrilling golf club.
However, like the former Papa Johns Stadium as well as its phony (in real life) owner, Louisville football last year was worse than a three-day-old pizza.
Scott Satterfield worked miracles and will be out win matches and to change the culture. This will not happen right away as the talent level is down from theVille. However , this is a moment for Louisville, a group which has the chance to start taking actions in the right direction.
I have read in which the Cards coaches have sped up the slow mechanisms of QB Jawon Pass (good name for a QB) and I like Hassan Hall as the direct running back. Than having a ticket for the Colts at OVER 9 for season 23, the protection that makes me more nervous. You have your Irish up, please dont forget.
Swinging Johnson: The Cardinals will not be doing since the Notre Dame defense will keep them snug in their nest, flying into this game. Scott Satterfield is currently in the big leagues and he has a team coming off of a dismal album this past year in which they went winless in ACC action. This rebuild is akin to carrying a hot air balloon and attempting to turn it in an F-22 Raptor.
While this may eventually happen, the problem is that Louisville is confronting a group that made it to the CFP this past year and possessed only one of the stingiest defenses in all of college football, surrendering just 17.2 points within the normal season and going a perfect 12-0 until they fulfilled Clemson in the CFP semifinals. The offense was clicking on all cylinders averaging 33 points per match over.
My query is, just how can be a quarterback like traveling whos slow to release, supposed to obtain any traction against a defense? Particularly when hes working with a trainer and an offensive strategy?
Please, Doug, save me I am lost! I find no way, shape or form in which Louisville is going to have the ability to keep pace and I am desperate to handicapping experience that is prodigious and the sage wisdom!
Doug Upstone: Well, Swinger, Im glad to see in your last sentence youre coming around to the glowing side of sport gambling, or youre just being the same wise a** you usually are. I will let the SBR readers who are currently making college football selections decide on that. I am the first to understand Louisville sucked and was, but 1-11 ATS final year.
But that staff COMPLETELY gave up on coach Bobby Petrino, just like he gave up around the Atlanta Falcons. A new attitude is brought by A coach and his team will be sold by Satterfield on building a statement this being a game. Louisville does need to hope not and they will not be taken by the Irish for granted have a lot of fight.
Lets also think about, Brian Kelly using gold and the blue is ATS as a road favorite, also a ATS if dishing out more or 20 digits. This defense you said may improve as the season progresses but substituting five starters, when you dont/can not amuse like Bama or even Clemson, it will take time.
Swinging Johnson: Well Doug, I was being a bit facetious because although youve got an handicapping that was impressive restart, you miss the mark from time to time. And in this circumstance, because Louisville could be better but Id submit that they could be trained by a Rhesus monkey and improve upon their deplorable record left by an inept trainer like Petrino, you happen to be shooting blanks.
I know that placing nearly three touchdowns on the road would be square biz for sure and Joe Q. Public never got rich by betting the heavy road chalk, but on occasion the people is right, and in this situation they definitely are. Until when we get back on our NFL Game of the Week next week, lets see what happens on Monday once the Irish come prepared to squint at Louisville.
Free College Football Pick: Swinging Johnson — Notre Dame -20 (-110)
Free College Football Pick: Doug Upstone — Louisville +20 (-110)

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Will The Cowboys Break The Bank For Dak Prescott?

It’s no secret that quarterback??in the NFL is the??most important place in football and we’ve come to a point where each starting quarterback is well-paid or wants to receive his cash.
Nicely, fourth-year quarterback Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys has his sights set on a brand new contract and oddsmakers have introduced gambling odds for where the yearly total will fall.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has unveiled a brand new gaming prop for Dak Prescott’s anticipated new??contract with the Cowboys and whether his new deal will transcend or fall short of $34.5 million bucks per year.
The reason this amount is significant is it is just a little more than just what Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz obtained from Philadelphia back in June when he signed up a pupil $128 million-dollar expansion.
Look, I might be a Cowboys fan however I believe I can examine this through a clear lens since I’m one of Prescott’s main critics. Prescott’s has nothing but exceed expectations because coming to Dallas as a fourth-round pick. While most would attribute his victory to a All-Pro running back along with stout offensive linethat he’s still led the Cowboys into a winning record in each of their three seasons and his yards per effort have improved every year.
I’ll agree that his arm strength/accuracy isn’t the greatest to be considered one of the upper-echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL. However, as somebody who lived through the in the Quincy Carter/Drew Bledsoe/ Tony Romo eras, he has still managed games enough not to completely blow it just like his predecessors and that there is reallyn’t an option for the cash-strapped Cowboys.
Dallas is currently going through a contract stalemate using RB Ezekiel Elliott and seems like prepping a new contract for WR Amari Cooper. The Cowboys have been in win-now mode and it’d be silly of them to proceed into the Kirk Cousins route and franchise tag Dak each year as it’s more costly in the long term according to the guaranteed money attached to these contracts.
Contracts generally for starting quarterbacks in the NFL rise each year since the newest extension always raises the bar. Russell Wilson’s contract he signed up this Summer made him that the highest-paid QB in the NFL with a mean yearly salary of $35 million bucks. The contract Mendoza line for starters is currently around $22 million.
While I do not believe Prescott should be the highest-paid??signal-caller in the NFL, his track record and potential make $35 million look like a deal with the manner that inflation has taken over quarterback contracts. In three years, he likely wouldn’t even be in the top five to get a mean annual salary.
The reason why Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz’s contract looks relevant for this discussion is that the direct comparison which could be created between him and Prescott. The two these quarterbacks are considered the future of the NFC East and came into the league at 2016.
Take a look at the profession stat comparison
– 3 playoff starts for Carson Wentz for Dak Prescott, 0
– Career Regular Season Record: 32-16 for Carson Wentz for Dak Prescott, 23-17
– NFC East Division names: 2 for Dak Prescott, 1 to Carson Wentz
– Career QB score: 96 for Dak Prescott, 92 for Carson Wentz
– Career Average Yards Per Attempt: 7.5 for Dak Prescott, 7.1 to get Carson Wentz
– Career Rushing TDs: 18 for Dak Prescott, two for Carson Wentz
– Career Games Missed: 0 to Dak Prescott, 8 to Carson Wentz
Now, I will agree that from the eye evaluation, Wentz appears better as a quarterback but flash and fashion aren’t necessarily a QB’s best advantage. Availability and wins would be the tiebreakers and Prescott has been a cut above.
If I am Prescott’s agent, I have a litany of production and stats to work with as a barometer to get a new contract for the client. Simply based on those numbers over, Dallas??almost must provide Dak an obscenely lucrative deal to remain with the Cowboys.

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The UFC has reserved the principal event for the upcoming UFC 238 card as well as the main event for an upcoming Fight Night occasion. Below are my thoughts on both these newly-announced bouts.
UFC 238 vs. Henry Cejudo, marlon Moraes The empty UFC bantamweight title will be up for grabs when Marlon Moraes takes on Henry Cejudo at the main event of UFC 238, which can be set for June 8 at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The bout official has been made by the promotion.
Moraes (22-5-1) is the prior WSOF bantamweight champion and he’s looked incredible since linking the UFC, going 4-1 overall from the Octagon including three consecutive first-round finishes over Raphael Assuncao, Jimmie Rivera and Aljamain Sterling in his last 3 fights. Most wanted to see Moraes get a title shot against former winner TJ Dillashaw, but if the champ tested positive and gave his belt up it supposed the UFC has to obtain a new competitor for him.
Cejudo (14-2) is your UFC flyweight champion and he got the call to fight to the bantamweight belt here against Moraes following the Dillashaw fight fell through. Cejudo is 8-2 overall in the UFC and is currently riding a four-fight win streak that includes back-to-back wins over Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson. He is clearly the ideal flyweight in the world, and it’s going to be interesting to see whether he can proceed around bantamweight and eventually become a rare double champion in his new division.
MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas has released the opening line for this bout. Moraes started as a -185 favored, with Cejudo as a +145 underdog. Click on the hyperlink to see more of Kalikas’ rationale for why he started the line how he did.
Tyron Woodley vs. Robbie Lawler UFC on ESPN 4, 2 Former UFC welterweight winners Tyron Woodley and Robbie Lawler will rematch in the main event of UFC on ESPN 4, which takes place June 29 at Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The news broke. That is a rematch of this pair’s previous assembly at UFC 201 at July 2016, when Woodley took the belt out of Lawler after brutally knocking him out in the first round.
Woodley (19-4-1) is 9-3-1 total in the UFC and is coming from a decisive five-round decision reduction to Kamaru Usman that saw him fall his belt. Before this Usman struggle, Woodley was on a seven-fight unbeaten streak and he will look to get back on the horse using a second triumph over Lawler. If he wants to have any chance of staying at the title picture in 170lbs, he absolutely must win this battle.
Lawler (28-13, 1 NC) is 13-8 all time in the UFC but has fallen on hard times as of late since he’s dropped three of the last four bouts, including a controversial entry loss to Ben Askren in her last struggle. Most guessed the UFC would book a rematch between Lawler and Askren, but they decided to book a rematch with Woodley instead. Much like Woodley, if Lawler has any hopes of ever getting back his belt afterward he absolutely needs to win this fight.
The opening lineup for this particular bout has not been released yet, but it is safe to say that Woodley will be the favorite this time around considering he knocked Lawler out at the first round the last time these two met inside the Octagon.
Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links and MMA Odds Breaker is going to be paid if you make a purchase after clicking on the links.

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Oklahoma Sooners vs UCLA Bruins: Free College Football Totals Pick

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Jalen Hurts won the number one quarterback place from camp. Jalen has nothing to be questioned about that decision.
Called the country’s top offense’s chief, when the Sooners visit winless UCLA, Hurts attempts to continue his beginning.
Oklahoma piled up more than 300 yards rushing (310) and passing (423) for the second time in as many games this year – and also the sixth time in the last nine contests overall – in last weekend 70-14 rout of FCS foe South Dakota, rolling upward 733 yards in the process.
Hurts has played a enormous role in that production, since he directs FBS in passing efficiency (252.3) and is the only player in the country with over 500 yards passing (591) along with 200 yards rushing (223).
While Oklahoma is setting the pace nationally on crime, the Bruins are nearly bringing up the back, ranking 119th in scoring (14 points per game) and also 127th in total offense (239.5 yards).
UCLA fell to 0-2 for the second time in as many years following a defeat at its season opener at Cincinnati with a 23-14 discount last weekend against San Diego State at home.
Oklahoma (2-0): CeeDee Lamb is one of the most prominent recipients at the NCAA. He travelled on six receptions in the first half becoming just the ninth receiver in school history with 20 livelihood receiving scores.
He needs an additional TD to tie Dede Westbrook and Malcolm Kelly for seventh position on the one time record of the school. J.C. move Rhamondre Stevenson led four Sooners with 47 yards rushing versus the Coyotes, including a 75-yard TD scamper en route to 104 yards on the floor.
Brendan Radley-Hiles played both of the first two takeaways of Oklahoma of this season and was named Big 12 Player of the Week because of this, recovering a second-quarter fumble and coming a interception 30 yards for a touchdown.
UCLA (0-2): A significant improvement from the Bruins’ opener was the precision of Dorian Thompson-Robinson, that finished 68.6 percent of his moves versus the Aztecs after he ended 8-for-26 in his season debut.
The sophomore quarterback has been unable to be the threat that’s typically a part of Kelly’s offenses contributing to the Bruins’ inability to rush for over 100 yards in three consecutive games dating back to last season.
Injuries have contributed to the bad start for UCLA, which got back Joshua Kelley (1,243 yards rushing in 2018) last week after he missed the opener due to a preseason knee issue but still has to play top returning receiver Theo Howard (51 grabs, 677 yards last year), who is recovering in a hand/wrist ailment.
After breaking this game down I feel that the under is your play. Oklahoma defense is a great deal better than the historically bad unit they put out last year this with also a UCLA defense and a poor UCLA offense I am rolling with the beneath.
The Select: Under 73.5 in BetOnline

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England thrash United States 45-7 in Rugby World Cup

Our partners use technology, like cookies, and gather data that is browsing to supply you with the very best experience and to personalise the content and advertising.
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By Tom Fordyce
Sports writer in Kobe
England hit on a seven-try demolition of the USA against their World Cup straps to ensure it is 2 wins from 2.
Luke Cowan-Dickie and billy Vunipola scored tries following skipper George Ford went under the posts.
Four in the second half – two from Lewis Ludlum and latecomers Ruaridh McConnochie from Joe Cokanasiga – were also a reward for a performance from humidity and the heat of Kobe.
US flanker John Quill was shipped off to replacement Owen Farrell, the England talisman lucky to not suffer serious injury At a World Cup becoming characterized by handling procedure.
But Piers Francis for, the man Farrell’d come on, will himself confront retrospective action after a struggle in this game’s opening minutes.
England’s set-piece was dominant not able to cope at the scrum when the maul was set by their competitions, or to find an answer.
Tougher tests lie ahead in the shape of both Argentina and France but England will travel this weekend in mood.
Eddie Jones had promised his team sent and a start, Ford slicing over the angle through a stretched defence – following the foray of Francis and Vunipola’s initial run down the left to touch down under the posts.
Four penalties surrendered from the first 15 minutes then piled the ball forward three yards out slowed World Cup debutant Willie Heinz indisciplined and over-exuberant, the fee at a scrum and ruck.
However, Cowan-Dickie went to Tom Curry in the Rear of this line-out with Ford pulling on the strings England kicked a penalty into the corner and Vunipola rumbled over at the Rear of the maul.
The US pack splintered at the set-piece, also afterwards Ford kicked off a scrum penalty in touch, another maul sent Cowan-Dickie in to get a replica attempt the right.
And England had their fourth attempt just before the period as Ford chip was gathered by Jonathan Joseph, Cokanasiga to collect the pass of the centre .
Their 19-0 half-time direct proved to be a honest reflection of their balance of power, England with 66% of ownership and 76% territory.
Jones took off Vunipola, Dan Cole and Joe Marler in the rest with Kyle Sinckler Mark Wilson and Ellis Genge coming to the fray.
Wilson and sinckler combined in midfield until Cokanasinga dropped over before Joseph’s dummy foxed the centre spinning and stepping to two metres, the cover.
On came Farrell Youngs and Courtney Lawes, Jones attempting to handle the workload on his players together with the brief turnaround between games.
Winger McConnochie blew one opening after he chose to measure in rather than pin his ears back but the overdue bolter to England’s World Cup squad left amends minutes later as he rolled in after England conducted yet another scrum punishment.
Ludlum was another who was nowhere close to this team six months back his performance was capped after Ford’s sidestep with a try of his own down the abandoned.
And Cokanasiga grabbed England’s seventh after a storming 70-metre jog and his second from Genge, who abandoned white-shirted defenders.
Australian referee Nic Berry for his charge on Farrell ignored quill from Bryce Campbell using the clock crimson prior to a late consolation score.
10 points out of the tee and A smart try a confident display, England’s skipper for the night making the most of the time by his pack that was dominant.
England head coach Eddie Jones:”The conditions have been such it was like a moist weather match but we found our rhythm and tempo really well in the next half. Some managing mistakes were left by us but we will improve.
“They had 14 players in the line and it had been hard to receive a numerical advantage. As soon as we started to play through them we were much better”
England World Cup winner Matt Dawson on Radio 5 Live:”The highlight for me was that the discipline. I believe there were only 3 penalties, which were in the first halfof the It is in stark contrast to where they had been last week and the team required to proceed.
“If they can get anywhere near four or five penalties from Argentinathey will blow them away. If they continue progressing like this, they will be a difficult team to beat.”
England: Daly, McConnochie, Joseph, Francis, Cokanasiga, Ford (capt), Heinz; Marler, Cowan-Dickie, Cole, Launchbury, Kruis, Curry, Ludlam, B Vunipola.
Replacements: Singleton Sinckler Wilson Farrell, Watson.
United States: Hooley, Scully (capt), Brache, Lasike, Iosefo, MacGinty, Davies; Ainuu, Taufete’e, Lamositele, Landry, Civetta, Lamborn, Quill, Dolan.
Replacements: Campbell, Fawsitt, Kilifi, Mullen Germishuys Haas, Te’o.
A story of herd, deceit and greed madness
Junk talk new stars burning nation-uniting and bright triumphs – much do you remember of those legendary Rugby World Cup moments?
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How to get into rugby union – through the age groups up to the 15-player match or try rugby sevensthat made its Olympic debut in 2016.
Enjoy the discussion, analysis and interviews with all BBC 5 live along with World Service plus our union comment listings.
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und Tablet + Earbuds GESCHENKT
Jetzt sichern
F??r nur
49,99??$ mtl. *

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Horse betting will have to modernize, or else legal sports gambling will leave it behind

Five days before the 143rd Preakness Stakes, the United States Supreme Court given sports betting a win, and American horse racing a warning.
Until the Supreme Court knocked down the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act as unconstitutional on May 14, opening the door for states to legalize sports betting, horse racing enjoyed a singular advantage. In much of the country, betting on horses was the sole type of sports wagering condoned by national law, on the internet or otherwise.
That benefit will soon be over due to SCOTUS’ decision, which ought to upend how horse racing has done business for years. Starting as early as June — as nations move ahead with already passed sports betting legislation, and bills that was prepped in expectation of this court’s conclusion — Americans are going to have the ability to wager on football, basketball, hockey, and other professional and college sports. The American Gaming Association estimates the sports gambling market could operate as high as $150 billion in annual handle. Lower end quotes set the market at $67 billion.
In comparison, U.S. Thoroughbred racing handle was almost $11 billion in 2017. And the newly legal wagering has just two built-in benefits over racing stakes: Sport betting will engage users with a item which is going to be made for cellular from the start, and will cost gamblers less than the average racing bet.When Kentucky Derby winner Justify goes to the gate to the Preakness on Saturday evening, you won’t need to worry at Pimlico to put a wager on the likely preferred. In most states, all you need is an account with an internet wagering platform for example TVG, TwinSpires, or Xpressbet. But racing doesn’t have the streaming video, data, and wager prices that sports gambling provides, all which make an easier to browse user experience for people seeking to wager on, say, the NBA Finals.
Because of this, racing could now find itself leaning on sports betting operators and platforms to cross-sell bets on races to attract new players and keep wager volume up. Although sports leagues have opposed opening up sports gambling, they are well prepared to capitalize on this moment in ways that racing isn’t, having made investments in real-time and video information engineering in partnership with companies such as Sportradar and STATS. The capacities of motion-tracking systems along with other real time information systems, in addition to high-tech electronic loading, means more in-game and in-app play for bettors, and possibly higher TV ratings and increased fan engagement.
Since 2008, there’s also been an explosion in paid and free sports data and analytics, a boom that has fueled the increase of daily dream sports and an interest in sport betting.
Ted Leonsis, owner of numerous professional Washington D.C. sports teams, heartily supported the data connection to wagering after the court’s ruling. “Sports gambling is developed on a rock-solid foundation of information, plain and simple,” he wrote on Moderate. “The more information a fan has about a player or a team, the better he or she is able to predict the outcome of a game, or a possession or a play. And as our data analytics are becoming better, sports betting has just gotten more popular”
There’s been little corresponding invention in horse racing streaming movie or information accessibility. More races, but not all, are being streamed at HD, and hurrying data is collected by Equibase, a joint partnership of the Thoroughbred Racing Association and Jockey Club making some data publicly available online but mostly exists to dole out information to spouses in high prices.
Racing has not innovated since, unlike many sports, it does not have any federal office that wields the ability or resources that leagues perform. Racing is regulated state-by-state, and racetrack operators vie to get manage, a dynamic that leads to regular infighting among racing businesses. There also has not been a industry push to evolve because horse betting — as a skill game plus a pari-mutuel market where bettors play against each other, not the home — has had little in the way of lawful rivalry, particularly online.
Which contributes to what may be racing’s biggest obstacle as sports gambling grows: The cost of a bet. Should you bet Justify to win the Preakness, the takeout on your play is 18 percent. Racing wagers, based on track and type, can cost from 15 to 26 percent. A standard sports wager, meanwhile, costs the bettor about 5 percent of the bet. Even if the purchase price doubles, as some analysts predict it will with legalization, also includes a ethics fee (some leagues have floated the notion of a 1 percentage ethics fee), a sports bet will likely cost less than the cheapest racing bet going now. That difference won’t go unnoticed by informed bettors.
It’s essential to be aware that the horse racing surgeries that have updated are now positioned to profit. Monmouth Park partnered with British gambling giant William Hill at 2013 and invested over $2 million to build a sports book in anticipation of their new business. Even the Oceanport, New Jersey, monitor is poised to begin taking sports bets as soon as the state legislature gives it final acceptance. Sports book ticket authors are at the ready, and the line will be the same as what’s offered in Las Vegas.
Monmouth predicts millions in new revenue and maintains that a percentage will encourage racing, with money flowing into the purses paid to winning horse owners for each race.
Kip Levin, CEO of TVG — the horse racing cable network and internet wagering platform that’s possessed by the British-based Paddy Power Betfair, and works in over 30 states — called the ruling”a landmark moment for U.S. sports fans.” Paddy Power Betfair conducts a horse racing fixed odds betting exchange in New Jersey, the country which led the charge against the sports gambling ban.
TVG and Churchill Downs (the publicly traded racing and casino company that runs the Kentucky Derby and the online wagering platform TwinSpires) are probably best positioned to benefit from a burgeoning sports betting market.
These businesses are jostling to get a chair at the table to manage sports betting legislation and secure their own share of this marketplace by hyping their current facilities, experience, and bet-taking technology. They’re also seeking deals to maintain a bit of the sport gambling handle: Churchill Downs announced two days after the judgment that it would partner with Golden Nugget to open a sports gambling operation in New Jersey, and Paddy Power Betfair said it is researching a acquisition of the daily fantasy sports site FanDuel.
The fantastic news for the remainder of the racing industry is that there’s time to ramp up for the contest — time to build better streaming solutions and user-friendly programs, and also time to make information more accessible, lower takeout, and create new wagering choices, such as expanding the sort of fixed-odds play that is available on Betfair’s New Jersey gaming market. It will take most states months, or even years, to legalize sports betting.
But there is no question about just one matter — at the race to get America’s gaming dollar, sports gambling is the flashy new favorite, and it’s going to take a good deal of cash.

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Guide to New UK Betting Sites for July 2019
All the best internet bookmakers are constantly battling to stay up-to-date with all the latest betting attributes and tools as well as supply the most cutting edge digital wagering experience. Ensuring these aims are fulfilled may mean the difference between a lasting and recognized site and one that fades into obscurity. Nevertheless, when it comes to brand new UK betting sites in 2019, all the most up-to-date and greatest features, tools and software come standard.
Although a lot of players might assume the most established bookies give the best online gaming experience, a quick tour around among the best new bookmakers online and these punters might be singing another song. Making site-wide alterations, integrating new products, upgrading applications; these are all not only time consuming and expensive, they are not always practical for an operator that has done things a certain way for a long time.
This means the enormous and complex betting sites that have existed for more than a decade tend to battle with upgrades when compared with new bookmakers who design their own sites around the most up-to-date applications and features. New gaming websites offer you a cutting-edge experience in the day that they launch. And because new online bookmaking sites offer such a contemporary gambling experience, players are flocking like mad.
A few of those who wish to combine the’flocking’ are scrambling to monitor the most recent sites and combine themselves. Luckily, this manual not only provides just that but also gives guidance on where to find other new sites, how to select which to join as well as informs players of the hottest features and trends in online gaming to keep an eye out when assessing sites. Read on for a comprehensive guide to new gambling websites in 2019!
Where to Find Brand New Bookmakers Online
Understanding the most recently launched betting websites typically offer you a cutting-edge electronic experience isnt tough but finding all these brand new sites can be tricky. Search engines, the most popular way people find sites all across the web, are more precious to established websites due to the search engines algorithm that centers on websites with previously established credibility.
Meaning, a brand-new website will not have an opportunity to appear in search results until they can set themselves on the world wide web. Rather, players in pursuit of wagering with all the most recent bookies must turn to outlets like Gambling.com to supply lists, just like this one, packed with the latest releases. Searching Google for these sites simply are a hugely time-consuming project and not effective when compared to sources similar to this from Gambling.com.
Happily, reputable experts like our team of industry-veterans are constantly scouring the web for the best of the best when it comes to the most recently launched gaming websites. They examine the websites according to our set of core factors – user experience, market coverage, betting limits, etc — to ensure players are getting a topnotch gambling experience from a brand-new bookmaker. After a bunch of worthy new sites is gathered, they must be assessed further separately.
Choosing New Online Bookmakers
Punters who’ve found a trusted and credible collection of the most recent bookmakers now must evaluate which of those budding brands they wish to join. Despite all of the gambling sites sharing the same name of fresh, they typically differ in 1 manner or another, with some offering a completely unique and groundbreaking electronic experience. With that in mind, players should not just sign up for a brand new account together with the very first recently launched bookie they come across. Instead, punters in pursuit of their latest betting sites Should Think about the following variables while evaluating which new bookmaker to combine:
Legality and Regulation The very first and most important characteristic of assessing any gambling site is legality. Every punter should ensure the site they are assessing retains all lawfully required licenses to their particular jurisdiction. If a credible and legal license is held, next players need to ensure the website is controlled for fairness. If either or both of these cannot be verified, our specialists highly recommend NOT joining the site.
Software and Platform
Credible and trusted new betting sites are nearly always in the forefront of platform modernization, meaning new sites are constantly more accessible and compatible then the veteran sites formed in a distinct digital era. But to be secure, players should always check what platforms that the content is provided and if the software used in compatible with whatever device they participate.
User Experience
A betting sites biggest draw at times may be the cutting-edge and unique features and tools they provide. When live-betting, also referred to as in-play gambling, poured into online betting, a few players were choosing the newest gaming website because they provided the brand new gaming form, costing those veteran bookmakers who lagged behind in their optimization. When deciding upon a top rated new betting site, players should think about the overall user experience such as what features and tools are offered together with the support.
Odds and Markets
A brand new betting sites markets and odds are the places they can separate themselves from competitors. Covering a unique football league or a vague biking event might open the bookmaker around punters not satisfied with the present spread of betting markets. Generous odds are also a good way for new betting sites to draw shrewd punters. Understanding the markets covered and the odds offered is vital to choosing the best new bookmaker on the internet.
Bonuses and Promotions
Traditionally, if gamers searching for a new account using a bookmaker site they’re given a generous welcome bonus for they began, which usually comes in the kind of Free Bets. Major events and tournaments also prompt bookies to provide lucrative deals so gamers assessing new gambling websites should certainly look into the promotions offered to new punters and returning punters alike.
Banking and Security
If players have evaluated a brand-new betting site and feel its worth connecting, the last step is ensuring the operator takes your desired payment option. Players who use PayPal to gamble online need to confirm their site of choice accepts PayPal in some kind before depositing. Inherently connected to banks, the sites security also needs to be evaluated, particularly their ability to protect the sensitive financial transactions.
Latest Characteristics at Online Betting Sites Staying up-to-date with all the latest trends in online gaming, and more specifically sports betting can be daunting for people not plugged into the industry news cycle but remaining up-to-date is critical when considering a brand-new betting site to join. Players that are unaware of the most cutting-edge trends and attributes won’t understand what to look for when evaluating a new website and might get a bookmaker who lacks the latest tools available.
For individuals looking to brush up on the latest trends in online gambling for 2019, here’s a comprehensive list, which is upgraded as new trends and attributes hit the net:
Streaming Options
Live betting, or in-play gambling, refers to betting during an event as opposed to before. The thrill of gambling in an active marketplace like in-play adds a whole new dimension to online betting, a significant reason live betting takes up such a huge part of general wagering. To boost the live betting encounter, bookmakers have begun to integrate streaming solutions directly in their platforms so punters can watch and wager the event in exactly the same digital space.
Virtual Sports Betting
Heading to the local track for a punt is almost always a fantastic time but not everyone can make it to the track everyday so bookmakers went digital for players to enjoy horse racing gambling from anyplace. Well, apparently that was not enough; gamers want to not just bet the horses out of anyWHERE, they want to take action anyTIME. But considering horse races don’t occur 24/7, bookmakers couldn’t do much. Then came virtual sports betting. Virtual sports betting is wagering on the result of a virtual sporting event, so basically a simulated horse racegame. And virtual sports betting does not just apply to horse racing but all sports including soccer (think FIFA simulation). The games are run on RNG applications to make sure the outcomes are random and so fair game to wager.
Dedicated Mobile Applications
Mobile gaming apps have basically been part of the world of smart devices since their beginning. The early phases of gambling programs included entire products packed into one program but the modern trend is to break up the products in their own apps. Operators have begun to understand the worth of dedicated mobile programs per product so instead of a casino, bookmaker, slot website and bingo site all rolled into a single, brands now offer programs for each. Players who enjoy live gambling can download programs dedicated to dwell betting while some brands offer football-only programs or build apps for unique features/tools like an odds calculator.

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