Will The Cowboys Break The Bank For Dak Prescott?

It’s no secret that quarterback??in the NFL is the??most important place in football and we’ve come to a point where each starting quarterback is well-paid or wants to receive his cash.
Nicely, fourth-year quarterback Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys has his sights set on a brand new contract and oddsmakers have introduced gambling odds for where the yearly total will fall.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has unveiled a brand new gaming prop for Dak Prescott’s anticipated new??contract with the Cowboys and whether his new deal will transcend or fall short of $34.5 million bucks per year.
The reason this amount is significant is it is just a little more than just what Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz obtained from Philadelphia back in June when he signed up a pupil $128 million-dollar expansion.
Look, I might be a Cowboys fan however I believe I can examine this through a clear lens since I’m one of Prescott’s main critics. Prescott’s has nothing but exceed expectations because coming to Dallas as a fourth-round pick. While most would attribute his victory to a All-Pro running back along with stout offensive linethat he’s still led the Cowboys into a winning record in each of their three seasons and his yards per effort have improved every year.
I’ll agree that his arm strength/accuracy isn’t the greatest to be considered one of the upper-echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL. However, as somebody who lived through the in the Quincy Carter/Drew Bledsoe/ Tony Romo eras, he has still managed games enough not to completely blow it just like his predecessors and that there is reallyn’t an option for the cash-strapped Cowboys.
Dallas is currently going through a contract stalemate using RB Ezekiel Elliott and seems like prepping a new contract for WR Amari Cooper. The Cowboys have been in win-now mode and it’d be silly of them to proceed into the Kirk Cousins route and franchise tag Dak each year as it’s more costly in the long term according to the guaranteed money attached to these contracts.
Contracts generally for starting quarterbacks in the NFL rise each year since the newest extension always raises the bar. Russell Wilson’s contract he signed up this Summer made him that the highest-paid QB in the NFL with a mean yearly salary of $35 million bucks. The contract Mendoza line for starters is currently around $22 million.
While I do not believe Prescott should be the highest-paid??signal-caller in the NFL, his track record and potential make $35 million look like a deal with the manner that inflation has taken over quarterback contracts. In three years, he likely wouldn’t even be in the top five to get a mean annual salary.
The reason why Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz’s contract looks relevant for this discussion is that the direct comparison which could be created between him and Prescott. The two these quarterbacks are considered the future of the NFC East and came into the league at 2016.
Take a look at the profession stat comparison
– 3 playoff starts for Carson Wentz for Dak Prescott, 0
– Career Regular Season Record: 32-16 for Carson Wentz for Dak Prescott, 23-17
– NFC East Division names: 2 for Dak Prescott, 1 to Carson Wentz
– Career QB score: 96 for Dak Prescott, 92 for Carson Wentz
– Career Average Yards Per Attempt: 7.5 for Dak Prescott, 7.1 to get Carson Wentz
– Career Rushing TDs: 18 for Dak Prescott, two for Carson Wentz
– Career Games Missed: 0 to Dak Prescott, 8 to Carson Wentz
Now, I will agree that from the eye evaluation, Wentz appears better as a quarterback but flash and fashion aren’t necessarily a QB’s best advantage. Availability and wins would be the tiebreakers and Prescott has been a cut above.
If I am Prescott’s agent, I have a litany of production and stats to work with as a barometer to get a new contract for the client. Simply based on those numbers over, Dallas??almost must provide Dak an obscenely lucrative deal to remain with the Cowboys.

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